Greatest Vampire Hunters of All Time


Van Helsing

© Hammer Films
For those of you who don’t know (and we assume that’s very few), Van Helsing has fought more vampires than you’ve had hot dinners. Hammer and Peter Cushing are responsible for arguably the most famous incarnation of the hero, with our films seeing the famous vampire hunter fight Dracula multiple times throughout the ages (Hammer’s Van Helsing adventures also saw Cushing take on the Count-lite Baron Meinster as well as the mystical Seven Golden Vampires). Hugh Jackman brought Van Helsing back to the silver screen in 2004. In this latest embodiment of the notorious monster hunter he is sent to Transylvania to put a stop to Count Dracula using Dr. Frankenstein’s research for sinister purposes.

Daniel Malloy

© Imgix
Okay, so Malloy is just a journalist in Interview with the Vampire and he doesn't do much actual hunting of vampires, but he’s certainly after them; getting himself the scoop on what it’s like to live forever and have the odd tipple of blood. Unfortunately it seems that Malloy doesn’t learn enough from his exclusive sit-downs about the downside of becoming a creature of the night, as when he finds Lestat he wants to be drained of his mortal blood to make him one of them.


© Screenrant
Unaffected by the power of sunlight after he was attacked by a vamp while still in the womb, Blade is a day-walking vampire who hunts his own kind with a sword made of silver and an ensemble of human sidekicks who help him out across his extensive comic book, film and TV franchise. What was great for Blade star Wesley Snipes was that all earnings from the films seemed to be tax deductible… at least that’s what he thought.

Abraham Lincolm

© Youtube
That’s right, not only did Honest Abe have to wrestle with running the most powerful country on Earth while it was still finding its feet, but he also hunted Vampires in his spare time. Your move Obama!

Buffy Summers

© Playbuzz
Buffy Summers wanted nothing more than to be a normal teenager between 1997 and 2003. Unfortunately for her she was the Slayer who happened to go to Sunnydale High School, which sat right above The Hellmouth – a gateway that all sorts of dangerous daemons poured through, which were intent on spoiling her on-off romance with heartthrob Angel and her plans to get her homework done on time.

Captain Kronos

© Hammer Films
Another of our own here at Hammer! Captain Kronos is called upon by Dr Marcus to dispatch creatures of the night when several young girls are found dead; drained of all their blood. Kronos has dedicated his life to destroying vampires, having once been a victim of their diabolical depravity. He knows their strengths and weaknesses as well as the extreme dangers that are attached to confronting the potent forces of darkness. Swashbuckling action ahoy!

The Frog brothers

© Hey U Guys
Being raised in the vampire-infested town of Santa Carla two brothers find that it’s their destiny to become vampire hunters. After dispatching their first group of vampires Edgar Frog and Alan Frog set out to destroy the eternal ‘head vampire’. Despite Allan being turned into a vampire Edgar continues on alone before they are reunited for their final battle where Allan is granted his salvation. However, in the end it appears as if the Frog Brothers mission may never truly be completed…


© Pop Horror
Yep, you read that right. In the 2001 cult classic from Odessa Filmworks Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter, the son of God moonlighted as a stake-wielding vampire slayer. Using his carpentry skills he is able to craft a variety of helpful weapons to dispatch the creatures of the night. These, paired with some handy kung-fu skills that he seems to have picked up since we last met him, make him a tough foe for the bloodsuckers he faces.