Google Maps' Creepiest Images


1. A View to a Kill

© Telegraph
Many who saw this macabre image on Google Maps were worried that they had stumbled across a dramatic murder scene complete with blood streaks, dead body, and a potentially remorseful culprit stood over the victim. In fact the blood streaks were water, the dead body a sodden canine, and the culprit a dog-walker wondering what to make for breakfast.

2. Body Dump

© Reddit
What initially looks like an even more stomach churning scene than the last image on closer inspection turns out to be a family of mannequins shoved unceremoniously into some recycling bins. Just mannequins, not humans at all... surely?  

3. The Island that never was

© iScienceTimes
Now this is a strange one- mentions of Sandy Island date back to 1876, when a whaling vessel travelling between Australia and New Caledonia made mention of the island in the eastern Coral Sea. Maps have included its existence since then, and even Google Earth showed Sandy on its globe. The only problem? The island doesn't exist... Conspiracy theories welcome at the bottom of the page!

4. Our Millenium Baby (Aged 15)

© Jon Rafman
How to create a bamboozling scene on Google Maps: Humanoid alien figure: check Psychadelic tie dye tee: check Bandana: check Party bag: check Mean-mugging posture and head tilted like "whuuut?": check Even though nothing in this image makes sense, a bottle of 40oz beer at the adolescent alien's feet feels like it would complete the look.

5. A flock of weirdos

© Google Maps
We feel this space speaks for itself.

6. Do not stop for Hitch-Hikers

© Jon Rafman
We can't tell if this is a group of Halloween partygoers or a gang of garishly dressed carjackers. Any ideas?

7. The colour out of Space

© Jon Rafman
This odd, and oddly beautiful, forest scene feels positively Lovecraftian.

8. The Double

© Jon Rafman
Creepiest thing about this image? The fact that both twins seem to be looking directly at the viewer. A simple image overlap, or the disciples of these two jokers? I guess we'll never know...

9. A Kiss in the Desert

© Google Maps
Yes it's true- there are a giant pair of lips located on the ground in a southwestern region of Sudan. For those daring and well-hydrated enough to journey to the lips in the midday heat, it's said that you can see them singing this. No word of a lie.

10. Forest walks are a gas

© Jon Rafman
The stance of 'innocent until proven guilty' feels a stretch when looking at this suspicious chap stalking the woodland near Nacozari de Garcia, who's clearly not got anything nice planned with his day.

11. "Wow. Déjà vu".

© Jon Rafman
Neo - "An old geezer walked down the road, and then another that looked just like him". Trinity - "How much like him? Was it the same old geezer?"

12. Q: If an out-house is dropped in the woods, but there's no one there to use it...

© Jon Rafman
... does it still smell terrible? A: Yes it does.

13. Bizarre Pattern

© Google Maps
This strange grid pattern is one of many which online users have found peppered across China's western desert, which has led to speculation that these could be- among other things- messages to or from aliens... Thoughts?

14. What do we have hare?

© ThisisEgo
In the mountainside town of Artesina, Piedmont in Tuscany, Northern Italy, there is a strange sight for hillwalkers to behold: a 55-metre-long, 5-metre-thick knitted pink bunny which appears to have fallen out of the sky and spilled its colourful entrails on the surrounding grass. Created by the art collective Gelitin, the structure was made with the hope that disorientated onlookers would be made to feel as small as Gulliver in Gulliver's Travels.
© Plurk

15. Desert of the Damned

© Jon Rafman
Abandon hope all ye who drive forth from here.

16. Mrs Tumnus

© imgur
Bizarrely proportioned extra terrestrial life form, or badly skewed image upload? You decide...

17. Game on!

© Huffington Post
Apparently Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar have relocated from Aurora, Illinois to the streets of Plymouth in Devon, where they now just wander around waiting to get papped by Google. Ex-squeeze me? Ah-baking powder?!

18. Lake of Blood

© Pinterest
Located just outside of Iraq's Sadr City, this blood-red lake has prompted speculation that it's a dumping ground for blood from local slaughterhouses. Other (perhaps more reasonable) theorisers have cited pollution, sewage and water treatment processes as more likely causes for the colour.

19. Insta-gro pentagram

© David Duke
This creepy pentagram, located in a Kazakhstani public park, caused even more speculation than you'd expect when it was discovered, because upon closer inspection the viewer is able to see icons for "Adam" and "Lucifer". It is unclear why these had been created, or who by. But please, don't be alarmed. It has been clarified that, in addition to being a symbol famed for its Satanic association, the pentagram was also a favoured logo of the Soviet Union, of which Kazakhstan was formerly a member. Case closed?

20. Bullseye of the Desert

© Google Maps
Since I saw this target marker- intended for God knows who- I have been panic-buying tins of food online and typing from underneath my desk.

21. Living in a Ghost Town

© Mashable
© Mashable
A glitch in Google's Streetview car resulted in the entire town of New Baltimore being captured as a terrifying, nightmarish vision of stretched, skewed houses and sinister shadows.

22. Star of the Plain

© Google Maps
Another strange pattern in the Nevada desert, this time showing a strange hexagonal star... Area 51 theories are now welcome.

23 "Don't they ever stop migrating?"

© Jon Rafman
"It's the end of the world!" cries a drunken naysayer in Hitchcock's 1963 The Birds, and on the evidence of this photo we're inclined to agree.

24. Carol Vorderman's Recurring Nighmare

© Jon Rafman
... or "What kids see on the morning of their Spelling Bee".

24. Can you spot the ninja??

© Jon Rafman
The art of stealth in action.

25. Equine Mourners

© Jon Rafman
Everything about this graveyard scene is ominous.

27. America's Alien Invasion Defense

© Google Maps
This farm owner really wants you to know that JC 'likes you more than friends'.

28. "28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, 12 seconds. That is when the world will end".

© Jon Rafman
Excuse me, but why is this man-sized bunny wearing the waistcoat of a 1970's pimp?

29. The Sandman

© Google Maps
This piece of mountainous terrain from Alberta, Canada bears a strange resemblance to a Native American chief.

30. Illuminati HQ in Nevada Desert?

© Google Maps
Yet another bizarre pattern from Nevada, USA, this one will have Illuminati believers up in arms.

31. Sympathisers' Hideout

© Google Maps
The US Navy has a lot to answer for. How do you commission the construction of an entire naval base building without realising it's in the shape of a swastika? That's exactly what happened at the Coronado Naval Amphibious Base in San Diego, who have allegedly spent more than $600,000 trying to mask the building's shape in the years since. And an excellent job they've done.