Scariest Pages on the internet


The Creepy, indecepherable Reddit

© Reddit
Aside from two chilling posts in English which read "help" and "save us", every other one reads like this- Can you solve this unsettling mystery?

The lesson in how to Summon Demons

© Angelfire
Follow this easy how-to and you'll have your very own baphomet before you know it!

The virtual tour of a mental hospital

© WhiteEnamel
We haven't made it through the whole game yet, but what we've played so far has us hiding under our office desk...

This Death Date predictor

© DeathDate
While all logic and evidence points to this death date predictor being a load of horse puckey, what if it's not??

Reborn Dolls

© Reborn Dolls
Question: what could possibly be creepy about newborn babies, the purest and loveliest human beings in the world? Answer: this - Reborn Dolls

This onlline Ouija board

© Museum of Talking Boards
Created in 1996, this early Javascript web ouija board claims to be able to connect with the spirit world in order to answer your deepest, darkest questions -