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Beyond The Rave (2008)

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After more than two decades of absence, in 2008 Hammer returned to horror with Beyond The Rave, an online serial that heralded the resurgence of one of Britain’s best-loved film companies.

4DVD release Beyond The Rave in the UK on 13th September 2010. Details here.

To order the Limited Special Edition DVD in PAL or NTSC format (only 5,000 copies) visit the Beyond The Rave website here.


LSE DVD Cover 4DVD Cover


6 September 2010, BEYOND THE RAVE retail edition released in UK by 4DVD on 13th September

4DVD release Beyond The Rave in a UK retail edition on 13th September. The release features DVD exclusives Episode 21: Necro's First Kill and Beyond...





12 Jun 2012, 8:56pm

Although the language is very strong the story and actors are all very good. Shame the dvd didnt cut the film together instead of mini episodes. It does become tiresome having the music and titles every 10 minutes or so.