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The Curse Of The Werewolf (1961)

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Curse of the Werewolf. UK quad poster. Courtesy of hammerhorrorposters.com

Curse of the Werewolf. UK quad poster. Courte

Also known as:

The Werewolf


Status: In Release

Category: Film

Release dates:
May 1, 1961 (UK - Theatrical)
June 7, 1961 (USA - Theatrical)

Genre: Gothic Horror

Language: English

Running time: 88 mins

Directed by: Terence Fisher

Written by: John Elder

Produced by: Anthony Hinds

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"Even the Innocent Girl Who Loved Him Was Not Safe ...Once the Full Moon Rose!"

Throughout his upbringing unnatural phenomena surrounded Leon. He is plagued with a terrible curse over which he exerc ises no control. During the full moon he changes into a ferocious beast initiating an orgy of indiscriminate killing. His love for Christina enables Leon to suppress his lycanthropic feelings until the engagement is broken off which precipitates a tragic conclusion.

Principal Photography: 12 September - 2 November 1960




19 Apr 2014, 11:21pm

I have no idea what religious convictions director Terence Fisher may have embraced, but he leavens his narrative with a healthy and lively dose of Anglo-Catholic spirit. Rational faith, undeterred either by implacable skepticism or insuperable superstition, seems to hold a fascination for Fisher. Nowhere is it more evident (or pleasing) than it is in CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF. Sexuality has a bi-lateral appeal. The wrong kind--salacious and wanton--brings on poor Leon's lycanthropic spells. The right kind--the sacred eroticism of committed love--acts to save Leon from his murderous impulses. COTW is the very best of Hammer's non-canonical gothic horror films. It bothers me not a whit that some critics declare the movie to be "slow" in the middle. Character and writing makes the actors more intimate and grant the audience more time to warm up to the story. They don't make 'em like this anymore...