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7 April 2006

Classic horror characters bite into poker market

Classic horror characters bite into poker market

Dracula and stakes don’t normally go together – but they will in the latest licence from Coolabi’s Hammer property.

The classic horror characters will feature on a range of high quality poker chips from Bond International that will enable everyone to raise the stakes – even Dracula, Lord of the Undead. The Hammer characters and the iconic blood-red logo will feature on the gaming chips aimed at the high end of the market.

“This is an unusual category,” agrees Coolabi managing director Janet Woodward. “But poker is hugely popular with young men at the moment and this is exactly the sort of age group that we see relating to the Hammer brand.” 

Bond is also producing collectors tins which include high-quality playing cards with images of Dracula and other Hammer icons on the back.

Says Paul Gent of Bond International: “The Hammer license has provided us with a huge wealth of brand opportunity from a wide range demographic and fanatical fan-base. There cannot be many thirty or fortysomethings, whether film buffs or not, for whom the Hammer brand does not conjure up fond affection. Moreover its historical place within the horror/gothic movie genre ensures that the Hammer legacy and brand are in the conscience of newer and younger fans.”

And you will soon be able to do more than cash in your chips with Hammer...

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