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21 September 2011

Tim Lebbon's Coldbrook

Tim Lebbon

Tim Lebbon's new novel Coldbrook is published by Hammer on 15th March next year. Here's a message from the author to whet your appetite...

Zombies don't need to understand multiverse theory to spread to other worlds... and feed. In Coldbrook, the end of the world is only the beginning.

I've always loved destroying the world. It probably stems from the books I read in my early teens -- anything from The War of the Worlds, to John Christopher's wonderfully grim The Death of Grass, to King's classic The Stand. In Coldbrook I wanted to go one step further and destroy worlds. Researching the science of the novel was fascinating (and mind-bendingly, wonderfully complex), and introducing zombies to quantum theory was a blast.

And being published by Hammer sets the cherry on top of the zombie cake. I grew up watching Hammer, as did most horror writers I know, and being a part of the ambitious new publishing imprint is a real thrill, and a true honour. I'm confident that Coldbrook will live up to the scares that Hammer is renowned for, and I hope readers will think so too.

There's not long to wait. In October 2012, zombies invade the multiverse.


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