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21 November 2008

Beyond the Rave Games

Vampire Island screen shot Vampire Island scr

A reminder that all the

Beyond The Rave casual games are still online, including the thoroughly addictive Vampire Island, which can be found here. You need a MySpace profile to access the Beyond the Rave ARCADE. Once logged-into MySpace, go here. Then scroll down to "How to Play:", then click on "Game APP" to go to the MySpace btrgame application page. On this page, click on "Install this Application" in the box at top right. On the post-install page click on "Play The Game". The Beyond the Rave ARCADE will now be on your MySpace profile and you can choose which game to play. Vampire Island is on the main /btrgame page here

and anyone can play - click on "CLICK TO BEGIN" on the VAMPIRE ISLAND panel then use the arrow keys to move around, but stay out of the lava...!

All 20 Episodes of the serial are still online


. Episodes can be viewed by anyone after 10pm, or anytime if you are logged into MySpace and over 18. Once it's post-watershed, or you are logged-in, you can also watch all the Episodes in HD (click on the HD logo at top right).

Finally, the entire soundtrack is still available to listen to on the MySpace Music Player, just click


then scroll down and it's on the left.

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