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7 August 2001

Webmaster announcment (August 2001)

Webmaster announcment (August 2001)

Hammer's new deal with FirstSight has inaugurated an exciting time of new ideas and plans for the re-discovery of 'Hammer Horror' for a new century. Being some 65 years since the Hammer organisation first went into film production, it is good to know that the story continues. Having had quite some involvement with the company over many years, I wait eagerly, and will bring news to these pages as I may.

Although Marcus Hearn deals with the matter more fully below, I must mention the passing of James Bernard. The music of the Hammer films was one of the company's great achievements, a fact that is becoming ever more appreciated. No light shone as brightly in that achievement as did Jimmy's; to me, his passing is as much the end of an era as the death of Peter Cushing.

In this regard, I thank Bruce Hallenbeck for his short tribute, which I think gives a glimpse of Jimmy the man, as well as Jimmy the composer.

Graham Skeggs

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