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With a growing demand for British-produced supporting movies after the second world war, Hammer was re-formed in 1947 as a production subsidiary of Exclusive. It was registered as a separate company, Hammer Film Productions Limited, in February 1949. The directors were William Hinds, Enrique Carreras, James Carreras and Anthony Hinds. 

Michael Carreras joined the company in 1945, as Director of Publicity. "It sounded grand," he recalled, but simply meant that I was merely in charge of mailing out stills and posters every week to the cinemas that were showing their films!"

Films such as River Patrol and Death in High Heels mark this period, followed by a succession of well-received Dick Barton - Special Agent films, based on the popular detective character first created for BBC radio. The first 'official' picture from Hammer Films was Dr Morelle - The Case of the Missing Heiress, released by Exclusive on 27 June 1949 and starred Valentine Dyall as the eponymous doctor.

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