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Comments by drterror666

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12 Nov 2012, 2:57pm

I had the pleasure of watching this on Blu-ray recently and, after remembering the last time I saw it on the BBC many moons ago through a haze of static, it was a revelation. OK, there's no Peter Cushing in it, but Andrew Keir is brillant anyway, as he booms his way through the picture. It couldn't be more gothic if it had the words GOTHIC stamped on it - there's the mysterious castle and occupants, shadowy figures at night, peasants who don't talk about the castle and Barbara Shelley, just waiting to get bitten - she makes for a very alluring vampiress! Modern horror fans may find it a bit too atmospheric (read 'boring'), but who cares about them anyway? This is for fans of true gothic horror The Blu Ray is basically the final word for this film as it has an amazing picture quality and luscious colours and is 2.35:1. Excellent stuff!

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Showing comments 1 to 1 of 1