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03 Dec 2012, 3:19pm

What amazes me is why hasn't this movie had a UK release???? Please, blue ray effect just like the great Curse of Frankenstein and Dracula prince of darkness

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03 Dec 2012, 3:14pm

I think its time this movie was released in the UK, give it the blue ray effect

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25 Nov 2012, 8:03am

The BEST vampire (Dracula)movie EVER. I saw the movie in the early 60's and it scared the ever living day lights out of me. Christopher Lee is Dracula like Sean Connery is James Bond. Hammer made the BEST horror movies ever. Ninety nine percent of this new stuff is CRAP.

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24 Nov 2012, 9:21pm

Absolutely loved it, I'm not a fan of the gore-fest horror which abounds us nowadays and it's refreshing to know that there are still people making good, honest, creepy as hell films without resorting to the buckets of blood approach. Nice one Hammer, looking forward to The Angel of Death

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21 Nov 2012, 5:17pm

This movie is wonderful !!! I va had nerver seen youngs playing stage like that !!! it is unbeatable !!! also I have some ideas for a let me in 2 !!! I will send ideas by post during november !!! bye !!!

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12 Nov 2012, 11:22pm

it is in my view the best vampire movie EVER if not the horror movie ever way better than Bela's ham job of 27 years earlier and alot better than Francis Ford copla's rash of 1992

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12 Nov 2012, 2:57pm

I had the pleasure of watching this on Blu-ray recently and, after remembering the last time I saw it on the BBC many moons ago through a haze of static, it was a revelation. OK, there's no Peter Cushing in it, but Andrew Keir is brillant anyway, as he booms his way through the picture. It couldn't be more gothic if it had the words GOTHIC stamped on it - there's the mysterious castle and occupants, shadowy figures at night, peasants who don't talk about the castle and Barbara Shelley, just waiting to get bitten - she makes for a very alluring vampiress! Modern horror fans may find it a bit too atmospheric (read 'boring'), but who cares about them anyway? This is for fans of true gothic horror The Blu Ray is basically the final word for this film as it has an amazing picture quality and luscious colours and is 2.35:1. Excellent stuff!

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11 Nov 2012, 1:38pm

I've been a Hammer fan since I was 10 years old. By today's standards...and I use the word "standards" loosely...some of the films are dated and even cheap looking. But that shouldn't matter. There's something amazing about these movies that have endured over the decades. Something that makes us "old timers" want to pass them on to our kids. I've recently started watching select Hammer movies with my nine year old daughter and get more of a kick out of her talking about them than I did from actually watching them. As I said, they're dated. So far the only one I've shown her that scared her was "Plague Of The Zombies", and even that didn't keep her up. My wife thinks it's cute that I get excited for the new Hammer coming out. I took a vacation day to see "Woman In Black" because I couldn't wait until after work. I plan on doing the same thing for "The Quiet Ones". Will all the new Hammer be good? Absolutely not. Does that matter? Absolutely not. Hammer could make a movie out of the phone book and I would be there with bells on. I'll take one great one for every ten crappy ones... as long as the Hammer name keeps popping up on the screen in front of me. How many other production companies have a following? Disney? That's all I can think of, and even the most die hard Disney fans won't run out to see a movie just because it's Disney. Hammer fans, on the other hand...well, that's a different story.

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10 Nov 2012, 7:04pm

I hope to see this rarity on commercial DVD or Blu-Ray before I die.

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08 Nov 2012, 8:49pm

This is a superb sequel to the original Dracula. The ever-excellent Peter Cushing takes a while to show up but when he does this film shifts into top gear. The plot involving a beautiful young woman travelling to Transylvania on her own (natch). to take up a post teaching at a girls school and her meeting with Baron Meinster and his (far more sinister) mother is par for the course but some of the touches here are genuinely spooky - padlocks fall from a locked coffin only to land on the floor still locked - or the creepy scene where the Baron's old nanny lies on top of a fresh grave and encourages the new vampire from her grave. Great stuff.

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